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Aphasie Québec, formerly known as Regroupement des personnes aphasiques du Québec (RAPAQ) is the proud winner of the 2017 Let's Help More Together award. The organization aims to promote and represent the interests of aphasic people to facilitate the emergence of the services offered and to provide them a better quality of life. Aphasia is a language disorder characterized by a partial or complete loss of a person's ability to communicate, that is, to speak or understand what they are told. This disorder often occurs after a stroke, brain injury or brain tumour. The fundraising campaign for the organization is underway and will be publicly announced in the fall of 2018.

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Our jury selected Moisson Montréal for a campaign project to raise funds for food banks throughout the summer. Thus, CIBLE's team has developed, in collaboration with the organization, the campaign "Hunger doesn't take a holiday". This concept which includes a campaign brand and strategy as well as the design of the platform in the organization's image, was launched in July 2016 and collected over $45,000 in a month.

The campaign was so successful that it was repeated the following summer and collected over $80,000 in 2017, almost twice as much as the first edition!

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