In the world of organizations and foundations, the search for donors is at the core of activities. Taking time to thank those who contribute to your fundraising campaigns must also be one of your priorities, whether the donation received is small or large. Here are some rules of good conduct for thanking people.


Thanks should not be long in coming! Thank your donor immediately following the donation. An online donation platform such as donna allows you to offer a thank you message to the donor immediately after the donation has been registered. Also consider varying your thank you messages over time or across campaigns.

In cases where tax receipts are available, also make sure to send it as soon as possible following donation.


Thank you must come from the heart! Use a tone that shows your appreciation, whether your donor has offered $5 or $1,000. Take the time to write a simple, short, but considerate and humane message. Tell them how their gift helps you and avoid ready-made sentences...! Be grateful and adopt a positive and personal tone, so that the person feels that he or she is making a real difference on their own and does not feel that your message is the same for hundreds or even thousands of other donors (even if it is the case).


All donations are important and deserve thanks. However, it may be useful to segment your donors according to the amount given and offer special thanks to each individual. For example, one could choose to send a thank you email to donors of $100 or less and to mail a letter to all donors of $100 or more, the letter being more personal than an email alone. In the case of major donors, a handwritten letter or thank you note from the organization’s director, for example, can be a nice attention. Calls are also a good way to thank major donors. Again, avoid pre-made messages, be concise and follow the golden rule below!


Following a fundraising campaign, there is nothing more rewarding for a donor than knowing what their donation has been or will be used for. This is also how you will convince him to help you again in the future. For example, you can use social media to distribute an article or visual montage that describes how the donations raised are invested and what they actually bring: purchase of new equipment, major changes in a recipient's life, amount invested in research, etc.

You could also make a video featuring testimonials from your beneficiaries so that donors can put a face on the people helped by their donations. On a more personal note, you can send a second letter or personalized email to major donors to take stock of the campaign. In any case, take advantage of this fundraising feedback to thank all your donors once again for being so generous!


Avoid asking for a new donation in your thank you message! Even if your next campaign is scheduled in the coming weeks, thank you messages must remain strictly recognition messages.Calls for action for new donations or even to touch the subject with a message such as "we hope you will contribute to our next fundraising campaigns" are to be avoided. Focus on telling the donor how important his or her contribution is to you and giving him or her a sense of value to your cause (this will encourage them to donate to you again in the future), but for solicitation, you have to wait. A survey concluded that it takes about 7 months after a donation to solicit a new one!

Were these practices already part of your appreciation actions? How do you thank your donors? We hope our advice will help you become thank you specialists! For more ideas or to develop an original thank-you strategy, contact the donna Interactive Suite's marketing experts.


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