Getting active to raise money for breast cancer with the Pink Tour

Cumulating kilometers to reach the goals of the fundraising campaign to support breast cancer research; this is the main mission of the Pink Tour, the largest fundraising activity under the aegis of the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.

Companies and individuals were invited to mobilize their professional and personal networks to get active on a daily basis by cumulating kilometers for the cause. The result: more than $106,000 was raised and more than 160,000 kilometers covered.

For the occasion, CIBLE was involved in developing a tool to monitor the kilometers covered in order to set goals for both the donation and the distance to be covered. Strategic coaching was provided to effectively present the content and the functionality of the promo code was added to boost product sales available through this fundraising campaign. Finally, we adapted the visuals so that they would reflect the campaign, the Pink Tour campaign.

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The Ciblés get involved with the cause!

Because we are people with a heart for commitment and because social involvement is one of our corporate values, the Ciblés actively participated in the Pink Tour in order to support all those affected by breast cancer in some way.

This initiative allowed us to raise more than $3,400 and our team has covered 2,000 kilometers.

We believe that it is through commitment, involvement and personal achievement that we can improve the world, one project at a time, and become a source of inspiration for others who, in turn, want to make a difference.

Ciblés at Mont Bellevue


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