Where it all started

The Donna Interactive Suite is developed by CIBLE, a marketing communications agency based in Sherbrooke since 2001. Since the very beginning of the company, president and founder, Nathalie Ashby, has been committed to giving back to the community. Various initiatives have been carried out, including the ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro in 2010 by Nathalie for the benefit of La Parolière, as well as several smaller projects carried out by the team to help newcomers, children and seniors in the Sherbrooke area. In 2014, several members of the team completed the Défi CIBLE, an ambitious 400 km run to raise funds for the victims of the Lac-Mégantic tragedy.


2014 : the year it all started

Fundraising for the Kilimanjaro Ascent and the Défi CIBLE inspired us greatly as we wondered how we could have raised even more money. It was during discussions with Doryne Bourque, a partner of the information technology firm ACCEO Solutions, that Nathalie's dream of deploying a modern, Quebec-based technological solution to help organizations took shape. Thanks to the technological solutions development expertise acquired by CIBLE since its beginning, Nathalie and the team saw the opportunity and potential to develop a tool for online donation management. Since CIBLE was already developing Maestria and working to improve it, the idea of adding a feature to manage online donations was very interesting. Guided by its values of mutual assistance and having seen that the demand for this type of tool was well present, CIBLE undertook the implementation of the Donna Interactive Suite. About a year later, in May 2015, the solution was officially launched at the APGP's annual convention. Accreditation of the solution by Desjardins (Monetico) also helped us a lot in making this ambitious project a reality!


Doing better, acting together, helping more

CIBLE wanted to offer a tool that stands out from what is on the market: a modern platform, entirely Quebecois and in French, that would be a complete and beneficial tool for foundations and NPOs. Over the course of various discussions, the team came up with the idea of helping more by working together with foundations and NPOs, from which the statement "Let's Help More Together" emerged.


The tool's design approach was based on CIBLE's values of mutual assistance, attention to others and compassion. In particular, the "Let's Help More Together" award was created to truly bring these values to life. The Donna Interactive Suite is also one of the first tools in Quebec to offer peer-to-peer financing. Features are continuously updated and improved based on customer feedback and requests. Customer service is also available to assist our clients when needed. Given its expertise, CIBLE has also integrated a marketing and communication approach to fundraising campaigns and the tool as a whole, which facilitates the achievement of fundraising objectives.

Significant actions,
a sense of pride

Since the official launch in 2015, the solution has been in constant evolution and has about 40 customers now, from small to large organizations. More than 250 foundations and organizations have been met so far and with each new encounter we discover that each one has a unique and touching story, which gives the project its full meaning. We immersed ourselves in this reality and discovered that there are many wonderful causes to be promoted and supported.

The entire CIBLE team is motivated and proud to make a real difference within our society. It's about putting marketing, a concept often perceived negatively, at the service of the least privileged members of society.

Serving in a humane manner, attention to others, compassion and offering a modern solution
that meets all needs, this is what makes Donna Interactive Suite
a unique online donation management tool.