To meet all your needs

The Donna Interactive Suite regroups more than 25 features in 4 interactive tools to help you reach all your objectives.

Manage all your content quickly and easily


Thanks to Edith, you can manage the contents of your Donna platform easily, since everything is grouped together in one place. You are completely autonomous and all the editable contents are grouped together in an intuitive dashboard.


The features have been designed according to a marketing approach in order to make fundraising as efficient as possible, including peer-to-peer financing, online ticket purchase for events and crowdfunding.

Website management

Make Donna your website

By integrating this module to Donna, it's possible to use Donna as an online donation management tool, but you can also make it your website by adding menus and other features.

Content management

Easily and simply manage all your content

With an integrated content management system (CMS) donna makes it easy and simple to manage the content of your profile page and keep it up to date.


See all your fundraising campaigns in a glance

The dashboard enables you to see a range of information on the campaign's development, such as goals and donations for a given period.

Multiple organizations

Consolidate all your fundraising campaigns

It's possible to manage the fundraising campaigns of several entities of the same organization in one place. They share the same network of customers but keep their individual identity with donors.

Forms management

Personalize your donation forms

This module, which enables the creation of dynamic forms, may be added to Donna. It makes it possible to personalize donation forms for specific campaigns, according to your needs.

Document management

Provide easy access to your documents

A document management module can be linked to charitable organizations or campaigns. The module groups documents together by category. Documents can be associated with specific user groups or made public.

Fundraising campaign management

As many fundraising campaigns as you wish

There is no limit to the number of fundraising campaigns a foundation can manage at a time! Each fundraising campaign has its own page to encourage visitors to make a donation to one of the foundation's activities.

Event management

Manage your fundraising campaign activities

Use Donna's Events module to manage your activities (golf, tournaments, fundraising dinners, etc.). Easily keep track of each event's impact on your campaign.


Online ticket purchase

The online ticket purchase module associated with your events greatly simplifies participants and fundraising management.

Peer-to-peer financing

Mobilize their entourage!

Donna's integrated peer-to-peer funding allows donors to create teams and share their fundraising efforts with all their contacts to multiply donations.

Team management

Fuel the spirit of competition

Each team has a goal it must try to reach and maybe even surpass. This makes fundraising easier and adds an element of competition between teams to reach fixed goals.

Member management

Add, modify or delete team members.

Team members are those who organize an event or take part in it, share on social networks and encourage people to donate to their team during a fundraising campaign. Each team needs a team leader (determinated by the foundation) and is only assigned to one specific fundraising campaign at a time.


Finance your projects

Crowdfunding allows an individual to raise funds for a given cause or project.



Maintaining good communications with your donors is essential to keep them interested and informed of your activities. Create news and newsletters yourself on the Donna platform.

News Management

Inform your donors of the latest news

Add, modify or delete news posted to the fundraising campaign's page. This section, may display successful events or even memorable moments from a fundraising campaign.

Newsletter Management

Stay in touch with your donors

The newsletter is helpful for encouraging teams and donors, to share news with them or to simply thank them for their efforts. The newsletter tool is fully compliant with Bill C-28 (Federal anti-spam legislation in effect since July 1st, 2014).



Follow up in real time and have all the tools at hand to properly manage your fundraising campaigns.

Donor management

Optimal monitoring of your donors' activities

Get information about your donors with the database integrated into the Donna tool. Their actions are listed in the dashboard for even more simplified monitoring.

Managing the allocation of donations

Keep a history of your donations' beneficiaries

This module makes it possible to monitor the distribution of donations to individuals, charitable organizations or causes in need. You can thus keep a history of the beneficiaries to whom the funds raised have been allocated.

Customer relations management

Maintain long-term relationships with your collaborators

This module helps maintain durable relationships with the donors, sponsors, volunteers, etc. who help your foundation or charitable organization. Through thank you letters, birthday greetings, various follow-ups; take care of your collaborators by using this module.

Prospect research and pledges

Simplify your follow-ups with current and potential donors

With this module, you can manage follow-ups with current and potential donors. Your prospecting efforts' history and their results can be stored in it. The Pledges segment makes it possible to follow up with donors who wish to make planned or recurring donations.

Easy data importation/exportation

Import your data from external systems using Microsoft Excel format or CSV

The importation requires little technical skills and effort. Once imported, this data will be easily reusable for your fundraising campaigns.


Easily integrate a Google Analytics account to Donna

To measure your fundraising campaign's traffic, the impact of advertisements, etc. by seeing visitors' origin and behavior.

Volunteer management

Better manage involvement

Track the number of people involved in your cause and their actions.

Managing relations with students/graduates

An indispensable module for educational institutions

This module enables the management of relations with students who are currently attending or who previously attended the institution (solicitation, monitoring donations, etc.).

Patient relations management

Indispensable for health care institutions

This module enables the management of relations with former patients (solicitation, monitoring donations, etc.).


Sally : Donation management

Get the best tools to manage donations and thus get the most out of them.

Donation management

Manage all types of donations: one-time or recurring

Have access to all the relevant information related to the fundraising campaign. Online donations can be made by credit card for one-time donations and by credit card or bank transfer for recurring donations.

Online or offline donations

Compile all donations received for a campaign in one place

This module makes it possible to gather all types of donations, online donations as well as donations received by cheque, in cash, etc. Planned donations remitted in a number of instalments through automatic bank withdrawals may also be received.

Issuing tax receipts

Issue electronic or paper tax receipts

For each donation made, a tax receipt is issued and sent directly by
e-mail or printed and mailed by the organization, according to the donors' preference.

Product catalogue

Rally people behind the cause by selling promotional items

The integration of a product catalogue or an online shopping module into the donation platform will enable you to sell promotional items related to your campaigns in one place online. These sales may increase campaign revenues as well as public awareness.

Silent auctions

Maximize donations by selling items or products in an auction

A module makes it possible to sell various items online through an auction, in which interested individuals can bet and then bid higher until the auction ends. Sales may also be done offline, for example at events.

Billing management

Managing accounts

In addition to managing your accounts, you may also issue bills as well as personalized statements (featuring your organization's image) that you can send to donors.

Accounting software integration module

Link Donna to your current accounting software

This module can export campaign-related data to your current accounting software (Acomba, Avantage, Sage 50, etc.) to facilate follow-ups and avoid transcription.

Customer relationship management tool integration

Link Donna to your current CRM

Donna can be linked to your customer relationship management tool (CRM, Salesforce, Zoho etc.) to maximize your fundraising campaigns and facilitate their management, year after year.


With Donna, you get a secure payment page in a flexible and customizable format integrated into the solution. Bambora's secure payment page PCI-DSS certified solution manages transaction and payment information in a secure and confidential manner. Bambora never exposes the organization to card numbers. In addition, managing customer account information directly in the solution avoids keeping sensitive information on the user organization's equipment.

  • Donations by credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express)
  • Funds transfers (preauthorized debit or deposit) for one-time instalments as well as recurring payments (weekly, monthly).
  • Full management of completed transactions
  • Production of reports
  • Option of reversing transactions (reimbursement)
  • Issue paper or encrypted electronic tax receipts (sent directly via e-mail).
  • Technical and operational support